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The content and design of all material published by Energetisch Centrum Daniël Joshua was created in-house by Daniël Joshua Dudink.


According to Dutch law, the intellectual property right (copyright) of the material published by Energetisch Centrum Daniël Joshua rests with Daniël Joshua Dudink. Others therefore do not have the right to copy this material without permission (copyright).​

Copyright reserved

On the content and design of the website provided byEnergetic Center Daniel Joshuaword managed (www.daniel-ismael.NL en www.daniel, and on the content and design of any otherEnergetic Center Daniel Joshua(Information) material published in whatever form is subject to copyright.
In principle, it is not allowed to passEnergetic Center Daniel Joshuareuse published material.

Consent for reuse

You require prior written permission fromEnergetic Center Daniel Joshua, in this: Daniel Joshua Dudink.
For consultation about reuse you can contact Daniel Joshua Dudink.
Please state exactly the text you want to copy or a clear reference to it with your request. Also state where and why you want to take on or take over the work.


Linking and referring to pages of the websites used byEnergetic Center Daniel Joshuaare in principle allowed.Energetic Center Daniel Joshua, in this:Daniel Joshua Dudink, appreciates being informed in advance. Use of the nameEnergetic Center Daniel Joshuaand/or preamble of articles, such as those inEnergetic Center Daniel Joshuapublications are included, for the purpose of linking or referring, is not permitted without written permission.

Copyright Submitted Material

Persons or entities that provide material for advertisements and participants in activities organized byEnergetic Center Daniel Joshuaare organized and send letters or e-mails about it for publication, retain their copyright, but, by submission and after consultation, grant unlimited permission to publish the material in the agreed editions, in print or electronically and to store it in (electronic) databases and other files.

See also ons privacy policy.


Energetic Center Daniel Joshuadoes not accept any liability for the content and design of all its publications in all itsappearances.

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