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Energiefusies van kleur, geur en kristal en de hoogste frequenties

Pink Bliss

Pink Bliss parfum is een blend van palmarosa, lavandin, roos, sering, meidoornbloesem en hibiscus. Cashmere muskaccoord en balsamische noten op rozekwarts. Love and action.

Pink Bliss

  • Pink Bliss perfume is a blend of palmarosa, lavandin, rose, lilac, hawthorn blossom and musk accord hibiscus.Cashmere and balsamic notes on rose quartz crystals.
    Love and action ......

    Pink bliss is power wrapped in softness. Makes the energy flow again. A real energizer. Good when your system is fatigue and exhausted. Feel the vividness of your energy system again and feel how life energy pulsates. Tiredness and heaviness is expelled. Opens directions forward when you're feeling stuck, over and over at the same point or same issues.
    Endlessly usefull with all matters of the heart, makes old pain 'liquid' so it can be transformed.

    Helps you become aware of your part in wholeness and opens your heart to allow clemency. You are allowed to love your self. It is neccesary to love your self.

    Pink bliss is related to green and pink tourmaline, the colour mauve and light amber.


Thanks for confirmation!

Daniël Dudink, Energetisch Therapeut werkt bij Energetisch Centrum Daniël

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. (Also mention the crystal)


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