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​​“Embody your full multidimensional self



My name is Daniël. I have always been interested in the energy that is in and around us and knew from a very early age that I had so much power in my hands that I needed to use it to heal.


At that time my grandmother had Corpus Liberum (loose pieces of cartilage or bone tissue in the thumb joint) and her third operation was imminent. On intuition, I laid my hands on her body and prayed. After ten minutes her pain was completely gone, her thumb joint was completely repaired and to this day she has never suffered from it again. And so many more miracles follow every day.



My gifts are in my hands from which flows the energy of Christ, my eyes heal with their vision, there is power in my breath and I can see, feel, hear, listen, know and be a medium.


I work with my guides Joshua and Archangel Michael. And have a full time energetic centre in The Hague and when I travel to do healing for the world we do the practice entirely online with the same results.


I do this work from a deep knowing that this is my life's work. Working with people and helping them to live from their healthy, authentic flow in life gives me immense satisfaction.

Energetische sessie


Our energetic therapy removes blockages and trauma directly on a deep spiritual, physical, genetic and soul level.


We also offer an online practice with video chat app. This has the same results and is also directly felt, which is different from what people usually know. I invite you to opt for an online meeting.


This is also immediately tangible!


€ 77,-



Our sessions are perfect for helping you with the experiences listed below, and many more besides! If there's something you're struggling with that is or isn't on the list, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm here to help as a Multidimensional Energetic Therapist!

  • Relationship and family problems

  • Grief counselling

  • Addictions

  • Physical complaints

  • Abuse

  • Traumatic events

  • HSP Hypersensitivity

  • Remove black magic

  • Fears and phobias

  • Insomnia and nightmares

  • Animals

  • Negative energies in your aura or home

Leefruimte shonen
Escentie parfums


Your house will be energetically clean for at least a year!


All the gates in your house and garden are closed, and your house is sparkling clean from the foundation to the ridge. We'll also shield your house completely from any negative energy from outside. 


Just €155!


If you'd like to know more, just read on!


A high-quality, composed perfume energetics fuse crystal, scent and colour to create a unique and energising experience.

Energetisch Centrum Daniël

€ 69,- of € 99,-

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"Daniel Joshua is the most powerful healer I have met. I have online sessions with him and it works great. At the appointed time, I get a video call. Without me having had long travel time or busy traffic jams, we can get straight to work. The energy is enormously powerful, clear and palpable, just as if I were on location with him. I am very grateful for these profound, clear, pure and loving healings."


"What power, what clarity, what a fine and attuned healer! If you are open to receiving clarity and healing on a very deep level, you have really come to the right place with Daniel! Pure and pure and directly tangible and applicable. I have had a few online sessions with Daniel and it has already brought me so much that I write this review with love and enthusiasm! I feel grateful and blessed :) "


Escence Perfumes

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