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Our therapy is powerful and effective. It removes blockages and trauma directly on a deep spiritual, physical, genetic and soul level.


In addition to our physical practice, we also offer an online option with video chat. This has the same results and is also directly felt, which is different from what people usually know. I encourage you to opt for an online meeting as well.

The price is €77.

Our sessions are effective for the experiences listed below, and many others. If you're looking for something that isn't listed, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm a multidimensional energetic therapist and I can help you.

  • Relationship and family problems

  • Grief counselling

  • Addictions

  • Physical complaints

  • Abuse

  • Traumatic events

  • HSP hypersensitivity


  • Remove black magic 100%


  • Fears and phobias


  • Insomnia and nightmares


  • Animals


  • Negative energies in your aura or home

During our sessions, we focus on what is being asked and go directly to the core of the complaint/trauma. We look at it Multidimensionally, which means we look at every layer of the conscious awareness and subconscious mind to see what is on it and how it can be removed/changed/put right, if asked. 


Often it is necessary to put someone upright again, for example by putting the roots as deep into the earth as possible and adjusting your posture, this can be felt immediately and you are already looking at the world differently. When you are standing well in the world, we look at what is going on in your life and why things are not flowing as you would like and what should be on your path in this life. Whether this is physical complaints, a relationship that doesn't feel good or you have questions about anything and everything, I also hear from my Guides where this is coming from and how we could change this for you.





Every person has four sides to live on, though usually you don't live on all four because some can be closed. When you would live on all four you are in your full power. And this is why we open each one as far as possible. 


The healings we give are cosmic, which means that my guides do the healing through me via my eyes, my breath, a touch from me or they do the work themselves and are then present in and around you, just what needs to be healed.

With our energetic therapy, a blockage/trauma is removed directly, on a deep spiritual, physical, genetic and soul level so that it also feels like you are no longer carrying heavy ballast.


The angelic healings we give usually consist of two sessions so that the first session is also empowered for optimal results. 


What you might expect is:


- placing an angel with you as your guide;

- removing lines from people who take energy from you;

- light operations, see my blog 'living without a hernia'; 

- grounding so that you are maximally connected to the earth;

- removing traumas directly from your body;

- closing gates to other dimensions that do not serve you;

- interacting with your higher self;

- removing entities and demons;

- setting force fields for your own well-being;

- restore organs;

- optimising chakras;

- DNA healing;


These are some examples and we do much more to empower you.


Wondering how I can help you?


Per session - € 77 

Energetische sessie
Huizen en Praktijken Schonen


Through my Guides, I have been given the opportunity to look at your home and practice remotely at the time you give permission. The cleansing itself is also done remotely after there has been contact and a brief conversation about the how and what.


There are also places in the garden that can be opened and closed because there is a negative flow towards you from a negative thought and or jealousy piece, this is also cleansed.


The duration of the cleansing is for one to two years, should anything be put towards your home during these months Michael will ensure that it is cleared again with a distance healing. Thus, you are assured that your home or practice is protected for this period.


So that your house or practice will be cleansed again from the foundation to the ridge and all the gates inside will be closed again and everything will be cleansed in detail. After this, with everyone's permission, Michael will also cleanse every resident and any pets of negative energy.


A cleansing is also recommended for yourself, because if you are clean, it is desirable to enter a clean house or practice, because otherwise you will still soil yourself.


Do you not feel safe in your home? 






Energiefusies van kleur, geur en kristal en de hoogste frequenties

Fragrances for the New Age


To support our treatments, we work with Carien van Ool, who uses perfume energetics from the 6th sense perfume lab, to create personalised blends that are selected with the utmost care. Because it is so much more than a 'perfume', we call it an escence.


Escentie, the essential....

An Escentie is a fusion of crystal, fragrance and colour that can support you on your personal journey through energetic action.

6spl has created a series of fragrance fusions that can be worn again and again at different stages of your life.

This series of 11 fragrances is inexhaustible, both individually and in combination as an escentic blend!


The perfume I have no longer works for me.....

When awareness, personal growth and spiritual development change a person's energetic status, it also means that a different perfume can be chosen. So yes, you can grow out of your perfume!


You may also find that taking medication makes your love for your perfume disappear.

Pregnancy, allergies and changes in hormone levels are also important. All these factors are taken into account when we look for the most appropriate composition and frequencies for your personal blend.


Perfume energetics for a highly personalised perfume.​


When I create a personalised perfume for you, I tune the vibration of the perfume to your own energetic state. This creates a personal fragrance that is in complete harmony with the self and contributes to overall wellbeing. Where it resonates with you, it will illuminate and support you.


Discover the scents that energise, balance and radiate you.


Would you like to know more, for example about escenti blends, a bespoke perfume or a gift?

I would love to hear from you! I will be happy to talk to you and offer you the right combinations.


The cost

An ecsence perfume of 30 ml €69 excluding postage and packing.


One ecsence perfume of 50 ml €99 excluding postage and packing


Testing which is the best blend for you costs €15, provided you buy an Escentie (blend), then it is free.


Shipment takes place within a maximum of 2 days after ordering.



€69 or 99

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