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Energiefusies van kleur, geur en kristal en de hoogste frequenties

Loving Light

Loving Light is an escence blend on Divine Pearl and 24 carat gold. This blend works directly on your source compound.

Loving Light

69,00 €Precio
  • Loving Light - Divine Pearl and 24kt Gold -  Connecting with source

    Blend of aquatic touch with tangerine, white floral accord with gardenia, jasmine and hawthorn blossom, orchid, ylang ylang  and lily. The wood accord with rosewood, sandalwood and cedarwood with oakmoss and the warm notes of cashmere musk, benzoe siam and vanilla on freshwater pearls and 24kt gold.

    The Loving light blend gives an immediate powerful and loving flow of the embodied soul. When this resonates with your vibration, it also immediately opens other layers, or dimensions. When you have lost your direction for a while or want to be reminded of who you essentially are, loving light is your signpost! The cosmic earth bond is reinforced and on the axis of the inner and outer world, one's own position can be vividly taken from love, so that inside-out dissolves, as it were. The Position for the love that you are and that you can bring and receive in the outside world. Giving and receiving in balance, so that receiving can feel the same as giving and vice versa. The Loving light blend is not mixed in personal blends, but can be used/deployed simultaneously as needed and desired. In combination with your own blend, its effect is further enhanced to arrive at the complete being of who you are; loving light.

    Loving light resonates with all escences and escence blends, Golden christ energy, unity consciousness, all heart energies of which green and pink in particular and the luminous blue of other dimensions.


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Daniël Dudink, Energetisch Therapeut werkt bij Energetisch Centrum Daniël

Laat het me weten als je vragen hebt en ik neem zo snel mogelijk contact met je op. (Vermeld ook welke blend je zou willen als je dat zelf al weet)

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